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We’ve got a range of solutions for your business needs.
We operate across a range of industries and for businesses of all types and sizes – from smaller SMEs to large corporate accounts.
We offer both physical point of sale terminal solution and eCommerce card acceptance.

The key to capitalising on this growth is to ensure your customers can shop safely and securely. Bidvest Merchant Services enables you to provide your customers with a secure choice of payment methods.

In South Africa, eCommerce is growing at a rapid pace as more and more consumers choose to use cards and shop online to make payments.

With Bidvest Merchant Services, you will be able to find a solution that fits your business needs. It is a functionally-rich solution for SME and corporate businesses that is PCI DSS certified.

Business SolutionsBusiness Solutions

Point-of-Sale Solutions

Terminals to suit your
business needs
Remote Access Module (RAM) – Online transaction reporting and account administration tool
Expertise and advice to help you get the most from card acceptance
  • Fast authorisation allowing speedy checkout and less time in queues.
  • Portable devices giving mobility in and out of store and for deliveries.
  • Settlement to any bank in South Africa.
  • Midnight to midnight processing eliminating trade interruptions and simplifying reconciliation.
  • Flexible products and pricing options.
  • Customer support team available by telephone and email five days a week and over weekends by arrangement.

E-commerce business solutions

Our Benefits

Bidvest Merchant Services offers an eCommerce payment gateway with three key integration options and extensive benefits.
Our internet payment gateway solution provides your customers an online payment facilities that is simple, secure, reliable and 3D Secure.
Application Programming Interface (API) – A web service that enables integration between your website and our processing platform via XML; ideally suited for corporate businesses.
  • Authorisation and Settlement
    Real-time authorisation of cards with daily settlement.
  • Online Portal
    A comprehensive administration, online reporting, management & reconciliation tool.
  • 3DSecure
    Visa and MasterCard cardholder authentication solution.
  • Fraud Prevention Tools
    A tool to screen and block suspicious or potentially fraudulent transactions.
  • Data Vault
    A PCI DSS compliant card storage facility enabling “1-click” payment and split shipment of products sold through a merchant’s website.
  • Online Resource Centre
    An area for merchants and developers to access user guides, integration guides, videos and FAQs on our payment gateway solution.

Value-add ProductsValue-added Products

DCC Benefits

The DCC option is offered automatically when an international card is swiped or inserted on a DCC-enabled card terminal. DCC offers the following service benefits.
Cardholders know how much they are spending in their home currency.
Full transparency on competitive foreign exchange rates and margins at the point of purchase.
Customer Choice
Customer Choice
Cardholders are given full choice to accept DCC or not when making their purchase with full visibility of the (Reuters) exchange rate and margin applied.
Business Travel
Business Travel
Simplifies expense account claims for business travellers.
Customer Benefits
Customer Benefits
The benefits to merchants who accept a high proportion of payments on international cards are customer service and a share of the forex conversion margin.


Merchant cash advance- fast and easy access to an alternative fund source to increase your business’s cash flow
Chip and PIN technology to help reduce the risk of fraud
Safe and secure payments for online shopping with 3D secure
All major cards brands accepted allowing customers flexibility of payment options
Credit and debit card payments can be quickly processed at the point of sale
Our Online Merchant Portal allows for reconciliation of the Merchant transactions
Easy website integration for offering and managing customer services


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